Thai Touch - Massage Utopia Broome

Thai Touch – Massage Utopia: our shop in Chinatown, Broome

Mission Statement

To maintain Thai Touch – Massage Utopia as the premier massage centre in Broome. It is a place of serenity and peace where the ancient massage traditions of Thailand – which have stood the test of time – are complemented by modern anatomical knowledge and presented with the grace, style and friendliness that Thai people are renowned for.


The Thai Touch Story

When Jit arrived from Thailand in early 2010 and wanted to start her own massage business, she gave a lot of thought to the best name for her business. She wanted a name that built on the excellent reputation that Thai massage has among those who holiday in Thailand, so the ‘Thai’ part was easy. However, she was very keen that the name should reflect her particular approach to massage – built on her knowledge of the body and her experience in using this knowledge in massage. Jit trains her staff to use their hands, not just to massage, but to feel what is happening with their clients muscle, tendon, bone and nerve structures (and relationships) and to use their knowledge to identify not only where an ailment is and how to remedy it but often (through their knowledge of those relationships) how those problems are caused. Sometimes it is not obvious what the cause may be – or even that where the pain is, is not always the only part that needs treatment. So, although Traditional Thai Massage is a very strong and vigorous massage, Jit thought the word ‘touch’ best conveyed the sensitivity of her massage style in order to meet clients’ needs and that is how her staffs’ skills have been developed. Hence: Thai Touch.

From when Jit arrived in Broome she operated at the Broome Courthouse Markets – building up her reputation and client base to the point where she needed a more professional setting to work in. Toward the end of 2013 she was approached to see if she wanted to purchase the existing business Elysian Nibbana – Massage Utopia, which had been beautifully set up by Marika Daniels and Gary Paull. Jit maintained her business name ‘Thai Touch’ and adopted the ‘Massage Utopia’ part of the existing business name because this truly reflects the atmosphere within.


Thai Touch – Massage Utopia

At Thai Touch we are obviously biased, but we strongly believe that Traditional Thai Massage is the best massage for you. It builds on ancient knowledge of the remedial benefits of acupressure, the long-practiced preventative traditions of yoga and the benefits of deep tissue massage. Traditionally, Thai Massage focusses on the legs and back – that is where the hard working Thai people need most work. However, Jit rapidly recognised that in Western society – with such a large amount of computer and desk work, driving and other stress and tension causing factors – there is a need for more focus on the neck and shoulder areas than is normally the case with Traditional Thai Massage. Fortunately, her mentor and teacher Leung Tiang had a great knowledge of all parts of the body and passed his knowledge and skills on to Jit and she picked up extra skills in neck and shoulder massage. In turn, Jit is passing that training on to her staff.